Sunday, December 28, 2008

money waster

i promised myself i wouldn't shop anymore but... here we go again... i was only supposed to buy one shoe to go with the dress i would be wearing for the wedding but instead i got two shoes...

killer heels that are surprisingly comfortable [they make my legs look so long!]

i decided to get the black version of this shoe [it also comes in croc]. it took me a while to figure out what to get but finally i thought that i'd get more mileage and versatility out of the black one...

i also got two dresses, pants, socks, and another laptop case [i have three now...] as if i needed one more.

something from vicky's secret

Jun, one of my guy friends handed this over to us girls today... 

awesome! a pink passport holder! who knew a guy could be so intuitive with gift selection?

the inside is really pretty. it's so girly and pink. and it's just what i need! [certainly beats the boring black passport holder that i used to have] ::smiles:: thanks Jun! i love it!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

spicy shallot

had dinner with my friends at our usual hang out place. the ambiance there at night is quite nice. we love thai food and sushi and you rarely find a place that serves that combination. it's really affordable too...
i didn't take much pictures coz it was a bit dark and i was too hungry [we went shopping before dinner] and lazy too, i guess...

Jean's usual crunchy spicy tuna and my usual philadelphia roll [salmon and cream cheese is a heavenly combination!]. i'm so stuffed, we all had too much to eat plus the big mugs of thai iced tea was too good. but then somebody still had room for dessert...

fried ice cream [we always order this every time we eat at this place just because it's so interesting]

Friday, December 26, 2008

what's inside my bag?

this post was inspired by all the videos i've seen on youtube and all the pictures on flickr... this is what i carry on regular days. i prefer big bags because i like to have everything i need with me.

my michael kors bag filled to the brim

i carry a lot of things with me [yes, that's everything inside my bag]

my "kikay kit" in a lesportsac bag includes, hand sanitizer/moisturizer, travel toothbrush, toothpaste sachet, gum, paper soap, clinique compact, avon lotion, folding hairbrush, oil blotter, lipglosses, mascara, and perfume dispenser

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

cellphone bling

i know this is something that's been around for ages but for some reason my best friend and i just got into these cute little charms that you dangle onto your cellphone. i got a whole bunch from japan and it came just in time for christmas...

it's so girly but my phone is so masculine. i guess i should get a girly phone as well...

aren't they so pretty? i like sparkly things.

Monday, December 22, 2008

beauty products storage system

i got this clear, shallow plexiglass container from muji. it's perfect for me because i don't have a lot of make up and everything fits nicely in here...

this has 5 drawers organized to fit my foundation/face powders, blushes and eyeshadows, mascaras and eyeliners, lip stuff, and extra stuff at the bottom drawer.

i need some sort of cabinet to put all of my skin care stuff in but at the same time i want them to be easily accessible and within reach at all times. 

jakob eskimo

jakob is my brother M's dog. he's a pomeranian/japanese spitz mix i think. anyway, we took pictures last night...

jakob smiling for the camera [and me looking like an idiot]

he's so big and fluffy...

and extremely photogenic

size six shoes

thanks to the blog sea of shoes, i've become even more obsessed with what i wear on my feet. here are some of my recent favorite purchases...

franco sarto - i like the white patent leather combined with the cork heel. [this was only available a half size smaller than what i usually get but it still fits!]

metaphor - currently, i have 3 pairs of red shoes. believe it or not, they are so versatile.

liz claiborne - i wear this with skinny jeans. i really like the embroidery on this.

circa by joan and david - this is a fun shoe to use all summer long. i hope espadrilles are not out yet!

j-41 - who knew an automobile company made shoes this comfortable and eco-friendly? these are awesome!

steve madden - everyone needs a black shoe. i already have too many but i couldn't resist the splash of lime green on the inside of this one.

ann taylor loft - the most comfortable out of all my black sandals.

aldo - i love suede, what else can i say?