Monday, June 25, 2012

O Canada!

We had a blast visiting our friends in Canada a few weeks ago. I have to say, it was a really relaxing vacation. We enjoyed ourselves immensely! Covered a big part of Canada - stop over for a few hours in Toronto then road trip from Saskatchewan to Alberta to British Columbia and back again! Whew! But with views like these, it was worth it :)
Snow capped mountains - lovely!
We saw a lot of wildlife, mostly deer and elk but also a couple of brown bears!
View from one of our rental cottages.
Breathtaking! I think this was in Radium.
Still in Radium.
The nicest Canadians you will ever meet :)
On our way to go somewhere.
Lake Louise was still frozen :(
On the Banff gondola. It still snowed there despite it being springtime already. I only brought one coat so most of my pictures look like I'm wearing the same outfit... Anyways, if you've noticed that I got a little rounder it's coz we are expecting a little one! We are so excited :) So my posts will probably be a bit more baby-centric when I do update my blog.