Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Essentials Haul

So this is what I have been buying this week. Lotion, lotion, lotion. Hehe, my skin gets really dry during the cold months so I'm stocking up on these...
I got lotion from Lubriderm, Aveeno and Cetaphil - my favorite kind that is sort of hard to get and somewhat pricey. But I got these all on sale and believe it or not, we most likely will use this up in the next few months :) Also got Neutrogena moisturizer and makeup remover pads, Goody spin pins (I've heard so many good reviews about this I just had to try) and Seche Vite - everyone's favorite top coat.

I stock up on beauty/skin care products when they're on sale so I never run out of essential items like body wash, shampoo, toilet paper, etc. I'm also not really very picky so drug store brands are A-ok with me and I like it when I get a good deal.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Awesome Sneaks

I can't help but do a review on these Reebok Zig sneakers. I've been gushing about how comfortable these shoes are for a couple of weeks now. A friend of mine bought a pair a few months ago and I didn't believe that it was so great because the design didn't really appeal to me, it still looks pretty weird even though I've been wearing it for close to a month now, but it's slowly growing on me...
I use these mainly for walking, I'm not a big runner. These shoes really provide good balance and a lot of stability, probably coz it's wider at the base.
My husband got a pair too, I think they're called Realflex. They're a bit normal-looking than mine and he loves them too, so yey! for Reebok :)
If you're a little bit skeptical as I was, I suggest just going to the store and trying them on, won't cost a thing and you'll know for sure if these are the sneakers you've been looking for all along. Sizes do tend to run a bit smaller in Reebok, just FYI.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Getting Into The Holiday Spirit

I love this season, everything gets so festive and dressed up for the holidays. Got our tree up. Same exact one as last year, didn't change a thing...
Had date night with my husband last night. Went to the city to look at the nice store displays and light shows. Here's the facade of Fendi... Ridic! Dripping with lights and crystals.
Then there's the red bow Cartier always puts up every year.
There were so many people! Did everyone decide to go to New York City last night???
Anyway, the Rockefeller Christmas tree was gorgeous and breathtaking as usual. Didn't stay long as we had to grab some dinner and catch a show...
We were there fairly early - seats were sold out. Enjoyed the Rockettes' performance - they're really amazing!
On the way home, almost every radio station played Christmas songs. I love this season :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Cute Little Things

Went to Crate & Barrel recently, I LOVE that store... actually, any store that sells housewares I love :) Anyway, I found these cute sauce holders and condiment spoons. I'm planning to put our soy sauce and vinegar in them for sawsawan. Can't get over them, they tiny and perfect!
Also got some cute baby boy clothes for a friend's baby shower. There's so much cute baby clothes out there, I just love shopping for them coz they're so small and adorable...
Speaking of babies, isn't this the cutest baby ever?
He's so round and fat! I love fat babies :)