Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wardrobe Remix #26

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays... It's been a challenging year for some of us but I'm thankful that we all got through the hard times.

I'm trying to cut down on my spending and actually use the stuff I've accumulated. I believe the term is "recessionista"... I still have quite a few clothes with tags on them waiting to see the light of day so I am "shopping" from my closet for now :)
Dress: Old Navy
Vest: Willi Smith
Sandals: Chinese Laundry
Bag: B. Makowsky
Watch: BCBGirls

I'm trying to use this bag more because although I love the style and the way it drapes, the color makes it hard for it to go with most of my outfits. It's more of a light purple/lilac shade, really gorgeous color, I'll make sure to get a picture of it in natural light.
Anyway, I'm really careful with this bag because it's a little expensive, I don't want to just use it anywhere, I want it to last me a really long time...
I've always admired the face of a Philip Stein but never had the funds or the guts to get one. This satisfies my craving for now :)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Material Christmas Wish List

Only 4 items on my list of things I want. Note the word want. I have a longer list of things I need that money cannot buy but they're way too personal so I'm not gonna post them here. Anyway, here it goes (I doubt I'll get the first 3 but it's called a WISH list for a reason :))...
I've been wanting an ebook reader for quite some time now, it's the perfect geek present. For sure I will not be getting this anytime soon as it is already sold out till next year. I'll just have to borrow my dad's new kindle while I wait...
I'm so in love with this special edition HP Mini designed by Tord Boontje because it's so pretty! And you know I am a sucker when it comes to pretty things, combine that with anything tech related - I won't be able to resist it! I really liked the Vivienne Tam edition of the mini too but until now, I still don't know if I need a netbook for sure. My need is clouded by my want...
One of my friends has this and it's really cool and handy for capturing all the precious moments in life that only come once... The minimalist in me really likes the fact that there are no long cords to connect this to a computer :)
And because everybody else needs one, you will never go wrong with an iTunes gift card! It is pretty much a no-brainer and greatly appreciated :)

As I said, these are all non-essential, I could totally do without. Hopefully, we all remember that Jesus is the Reason for the Season :) Happy Christmas to all!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wardrobe Remix #25

Lately, my blog posts have just been all about outfits, I just can't seem to get out of this blogging rut! Promise, I'm gonna post something else other than clothes and shoes soon. And I have to put up my Christmas wishlist before Christmas :) There's not much on it though, I've been extremely blessed...
Top: ?
Leggings: ?
Shoes: Chinese Laundry
Bag: Team Manila
Watch: BCBGirls

Let's mix it up with some boots... I've been wearing these Steve Maddens all the time now...
I've never actually lived in Manila, the longest I've stayed consecutively was probably a week. And most of that week I spent trolling the malls! But I like this bag and I love Manila :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wardrobe Remix #24

I'm a big t-shirt wearer, especially when I'm at home. I've been a fan of Team Manila shirts mostly because of the quirky humor and edgy graphics promoting Manila/Filipino lifestyle and culture. I find it cute as well and it makes me prouder to be Pinay... I understand it's pretty common these days to be walking around with the map of the Philippines emblazoned on your clothes but if it will help instill and awaken Pinoy pride in us then I would gladly do it :)
Shirt: Team Manila
Cardigan: Gap
Skirt: American Eagle
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bag: Francesco Biasia
Watch: Fossil

A friend of mine has this really cool Francesco Biasia bag that she uses all the time, I mean ALL the time. It's developing a really nice patina the longer she uses it, gosh I LOVE leather bags!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wardrobe Remix #23

I wonder what I'll get for Christmas this year. I'll post my wish list soon!

In the meantime, I'm having fun dressing up for the holidays. One of my requirements is that nothing should be too tight around the waist :) I got this dress for really cheap during a trip to Seattle. I think I can still wear this when I get pregnant, yes, it stretches that far!
Dress: City Triangles
Shoes: Nine West

It's weird how I have two shoes of the same style but different brand...
They are so very similar except for a few minor details, I wonder who copied whom?
Someday, I might wear both colors at the same time just for fun :)

Wardrobe Remix #22

Can't get enough of this black sweater. I have no idea who makes it but it goes with everything! I love how the material of this dress is flowy and doesn't cling to anything, I hate it when the fabric sticks to your legs! The cut is a little bit too sexy (halter neckline and open back) thus the need to cover it up a bit...
Dress: Voila
Sweater: ?
Shoes: Janilyn
Bag: Nuovedive

And a spice of mustard yellow to liven up a monochrome outfit!

Wardrobe Remix #21

I've been so busy, hardly have time to post... Anyway, I found this dress buried in my closet. I haven't worn it, it still had tags. The bright color combined with the shiny fabric makes it really fancy and since I'm not a really fancy dresser, I have to tone it down with a cover up.
Dress: Morgan & Co
Sweater: ?
Shoes: Chinese Laundry

I found some Morgan & Co party dresses here that are so cute! If only I went to a lot of parties...
I tried putting my hair down but I guess it looks better (a little more polished) when it's up :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Wardrobe Remix #20

My "Old" outfit... because I have quite a bit of stuff accumulated from Old Navy that I bought a long time ago. I like that it's relatively inexpensive, I don't like spending too much on clothes.
Dress: Old Navy
Vest/Hoodie: Old Navy
Bag: B. Makowsky
Shoes: Jessica Simpson

I like everything about this bag, most of all the leather... It's awesome!

Wardrobe Remix #19

One of my friends got me this shirt from the kids section at Bayo. I'm a size 14 in kids :) The challenge was to make it look more "grown up". Solution: add something tight and white + heels :)
Shirt: Bayo Kids
Pants: Shapes
Shoes: Joan & David
Bag: Old Navy

I'm crazy about the texture of this bag. It's super soft and I love how the shape accomodates just about anything...
Nobody wears espadrilles anymore, except me! They are just too comfortable...

Wardrobe Remix #18

At first glance I didn't know if it was a top or a dress (too long to be a shirt, looked too much like a top to be a dress). I still don't know what it is, let's just call it a shirtdress. It might be a little short to be worn alone though, maybe next time I'll pair it with tights or leggings.
Tube top: People R People
Shirtdress: Old Navy
Boots: Otto
Bag: B. Makowsky
Watch: Fossil

One of my favorite bags, I only bust it out on special occasions though...
They had a buy one, get one sale at Otto so I got this in black too. I like how the heel is hidden inside - gives me the illusion of being taller while wearing "flats" :) Sneaky...

Wardrobe Remix #17

Yes, you CAN wear shorts to work! As long as it's not that short :)
Shirt: Kamiseta
Shorts: Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes: Steve Madden
Laptop Bag: Sumdex
Blazer: H&M

Everyone should have a black blazer. Seriously.
I like the terra cotta/burnt orange color of this bag. Plus it has quite a few pockets for other electronic accessories...

Wardrobe Remix #16

Built the outfit around the scarf... Pretty basic color scheme here - green, white and blue.
T-shirt: Gap
Skirt: H&M
Scarf: Old Navy
Shoes: Franco Sarto
Bag: American Eagle

This is how I drape my scarves 90% of the time. Keeps my neck warm + looks quite stylish with zero effort.
Up close it looks like cheesecloth :)
My "cork" shoes... Love them to bits!

Wardrobe Remix #15

My "bum" outfit. Basically, I randomly picked a few things for this wardrobe remix just to see if they would go together. Well, it's decent enough I think...
Top: People R People
Miniskirt: Le Tigre
Shoes: J-41
Bag: Artwork
Watch: Baby-G

This is an old hoodie shirt that I have worn dozens of times. It already has some discoloration/stain in the back but I'm not throwing it away because I like the print...
Another old timepiece (note the scuff marks and scratches). I wear this a lot, it's really light I don't even feel it's there most of the time.

Wardrobe Remix #14

My mood is not so good today, feeling bloated and crampy because it's that time of the month again. So, depressing black and gray seem to mirror the pained expression on my face :(
Shirt: Zara
Pullover: Julie's Closet
Miniskirt: American Eagle
Shoes: Arturo Chiang
Bag: Via Spiga

Got this bag at a bargain. I like how it's so sturdy, can hold a ton of stuff and water resistant :) Perfect for rainy days when you don't want to risk your other nice, more expensive bags...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wardrobe Remix #13

I honestly don't know the point I was making with this outfit, I just threw some things on. If you find it baduy, it's ok, I dress for myself anyway :)
Tank top: Passport
Vest: H&M
Shorts: Lost Girl
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bag: ?

I love this pleather bag, I have no idea who makes it, it has no brand. But still, I love the pockets, love the handles, love the color, love everything about it!

Wardrobe Remix #12

Another boring office outfit. This jersey dress was given to me by a friend, I really like that it doesn't wrinkle.
Dress: Allen B. by Allen Schwartz
Cardigan: J. Crew
Shoes: Tahari
Bag: Abbi
Watch: Fossil

Neckline detail, makes the dress not boring.
This is my favorite laptop bag from Abbi. Perfect fit for my mac...

Wardrobe Remix #11

I fell in love with the funky print of this maxi dress and the braided straps are so cute! It's a great shopping dress coz you just slip it on - no zippers, no tight spaces, no stress! Plus, if you decide to pig out on dinner afterward you won't have to worry about your bulging tummy :)
Dress: City Triangles
Sandals: Ann Taylor Loft
Bag: Kenneth Cole

I encourage anyone to try out a maxi dress, even if you're not blessed with height (like me) you can always find a flattering cut or print...
Cheap cuff.
Old shoes - still alive!