Monday, August 15, 2011

Major, Major Haul

We have been shopping a lot lately because we're sending a balikbayan box to my husband's family. So behold, our most recent shoe haul...
Yeah, I know, they're gonna be swimming in sneakers...

Then the almost perishables...
We filled two boxes already, might need to get a third, I don't know... Anyway, it's fun sending stuff to the Philippines, they probably have a lot of these things there but they said it's more expensive, especially electronics. Gonna post some good buys later :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kitchen Liners

Got some grip liners to match our yellow kitchen walls. I lined the drawers and some of the shelves because I got so tired of the utensils sliding around the place. Plus it looks prettier and you know I'm a sucker for pretty :)
Our kitchen is really tiny so it's good we don't have a lot of stuff. My mom gave us this Corelle dinnerware set that we have been using everyday, I swear it never breaks no matter how much we bang it around. I'm sold on this for life!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our Camping Weekend And Tent Review

So a few weeks ago we were stressing over what tent to get for our camping trip. Finally settled on a Wenzel Big Bear tent due to the price [got it for only $80 due to an online promo] and the size [roof is 6 feet tall and we wanted a tent we could stand in comfortably].
The website said that it was good for 7 people which is hard to believe because you obviously still have to put your stuff in it. I'd say it's a stretch, but it may fit 4 adults perfectly, it has room for two queen size airbeds with space to spare.
Just to show you what the inside looks like. Very comfortable and spacious for the two of us.
The only caveat was that it rained on our last night for the whole night. Almost every tent there regardless of brand or size had water seeping in through the seams. So I'd say we fared pretty well considering it didn't flood inside our tent :)
Me and the husband with our small really packed car. We had a lot of fun camping even though there's not really much to do but eat, clean up, sleep, hang out. And eat ice cream :)
Combination of Death by Chocolate + Mint Chocolate Chip.
Nothing beats gourmet ice cream on a hot day!

Weekend Haul

Passed by the toy store again on our way back from camp and got a few things for the nieces. In addition to Barbie stuff [see earlier post] we also included some educational/learning games. I think that in addition to playing, kids nowadays should also be able to learn at the same time to develop their basic numerical and problem-solving skills. I especially want these girls to have that advantage to help them later in life.
Passed by MAC again and got a lipstick, foundation and blushes. If you're interested in the specifics: Lustre lipstick in Syrup [I love anything Lustre!], Pinch O' Peach blush, and Peachtwist blush.
Also got some stuff from Ikea but I'll just do that at a later blog post.

Monday, August 1, 2011

My Husband's Ugly Shoes

No amount of cajoling can convince this stubborn man that I married. He just had to have these fugly footwear brand that I've been trying to steer him away from for the longest time. But we are going camping this weekend and he really wanted to get it for camp. I gave up because if the one you love wants to get something he loves, what are you gonna do about it? I just let it go this time, hopefully he will only wear them for camp and it will get so dirty and disgusting that I would have to throw them away afterward...
I swear to add insult to injury he had to get jibbits, which are cute if, say, you were 4 years old and had crocs, but he's a grown man, it looks kinda stupid if you ask me. Gosh, it was so exasperating, we were in that store for more than an hour and he came up with a tennis ball [he plays tennis], a race car [he likes to watch F1 racing], a guitar [he plays too], etc, you get my drift. He says they're really comfortable. Honestly, I tried on a pair, they're not. My slippers from A&F were a lot softer and a lot nicer for much less money. But he seems to be really happy with this purchase so I can't stay upset at him and his fugly shoes...

I have to close off this post with something pretty. I just have to...

I wanted to get a new watch to replace my Guess Waterpro that just stopped working last week. I had a few requirements though: it needs to have a second hand, it needs to be lightweight, and it needs to be water resistant to some extent. So first we went to Swatch, I was surprised that they didn't have a lot of selection with my specifications. I did end up buying a blue one because it was the only one that I kind of liked.

So we walked around the mall some more, my husband got a few shirts and shorts from Banana Republic, then we dropped by another watch store and what do you know, I found a better watch for exactly the same price!
And it's in my favorite color too! I just had to have it so I bought it on the spot. The straps are rubberized, if you're wondering. Now my dilemma was I didn't like the Swatch watch anymore now that I had this pretty thing. So we went back to the Swatch store and I told the gay guy who sold me the watch that I found something better. He told me that sorry, the watch can only be returned for store credit or exchanged for something else. I was crestfallen. I didn't want a Swatch. So he goes to his manager and thank goodness he was so nice. He said since I just bought the watch an hour ago that he would void the transaction, he felt bad for not giving me my money back. I was so thankful and I told them so and also apologized for the inconvenience, they were really gracious about it. See, that's customer service for you.

Barbie Crazie

My husband's older brother has three girls ages 2-7 and they are crazy about Barbie dolls. I didn't really play with Barbies when I was a little girl, I was more like a tomboy back then and my choice of playthings were marbles [jolen], rubber bands [lastiko], and Legos. So it's a novelty to be buying stuff for our nieces...
The eldest one says she prefers the quintessential-looking caucasian Barbie so we got her two of those. I do think that the one of the far right has the best-looking face though. We also got them some wardrobe changes because Barbie can't be at the beach all the time :) Now is this fun or what? My paper dolls in 4th grade were nothing compared to this...
And... when Barbie needs to get around she can cruise in style on a pink convertible!
They didn't have the "Glam House" when we were in the store so I'll just get it some other time. I also saw the black label Barbie collectibles - they're so cute I want to buy them for myself! It seems a bit to late to be enjoying these dolls but I was deprived of the experience when I was young so I'm catching up now :)