Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Changing Cars

We recently had to let go of our BMW 328xi coupe and exchange it for a bigger car. I was having a hard time with it coz it's too low and small and you can't really fit a baby in the back of a sports car so... My husband's not really happy letting go of this car but practicality wins.
So now we have a 2012 Honda CR-V. Looks exactly like the one in the picture below. It doesn't drive like a BMW but it's a great car so far. Definitely much more comfortable for us now that we're a growing family. We got it in the color "urban titanium metallic" which really is sorta brownish. My only requirement was safety and reliability, leather seats and bigger cargo space, so this was good enough. My husband wanted an AWD with better gas mileage. I talked him out of buying a luxury car because they're so high maintenance.
We're gonna do a long drive this weekend for camping (around 500 miles back and forth, maybe more). So relieved that we have much more space now for the things we need to bring.

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