Tuesday, February 5, 2013

SIL Baby Shower

My husband's sister is expecting a baby boy in 2 months time so we are going to send her some things for her baby. Here in the US baby showers are tradition but in the Philippines it's still slowly gaining popularity, meaning it's very expensive to have a baby there. So to save my SIL the trouble of spending money we gave her a baby shower thru Skype :) Gifts to be shipped this week. 
Got her the essentials - wash, lotion, shampoo, wipes, diapers, diaper bag, grooming essentials, toys, etc...
And tons of clothes - onesies, pants, socks, mittens, etc... We're also giving her Bettina's white onesies and some Aiden + Anais swaddling blankets and a boppy pillow that are part of my new mommy essentials. It was great seeing my SIL's face so happy. I had fun shopping too and went a little overboard because I never got to shop for our baby, we were so blessed to have everything just given to us :)

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