Friday, January 4, 2013

Cute Nursery Stuff

Just wanted to share what I'm loving right now...
Isn't this the perfect fancy baby gift? So cute with the pink leather and silver accents. Just got this as a Christmas present for baby and we're excited coz we just got her birth certificate! It's a good thing too coz I saved her cord but didn't know what to do with it... now it has a home :)
We got the personalized bag and stuffed toys as gifts, aren't these cute? We haven't used the bag yet because we have another diaper bag that's holds more stuff when we're going out.
This group hangs on the wall above her crib. I think I made this a week before Bettina was born. I got the white frames from IKEA. I was going to leave them blank and put her pictures up when she came home but it kinda looked ugly that way. So I got the cards that we got from the baby shower and cut them, put them in scrapbook paper, added some stickers and voila!

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