Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Help! My Newborn Doesn't Sleep!

I'm having a really hard time putting Bettina to sleep by herself. She zonks out easily while on the boob and when I'm holding her, but the minute I put her down she cries and wants to be picked up. I don't think noise bothers her because she doesn't even mind when we're at parties or places with lots of people, as long as she's held she sleeps through it and her eyes stay shut.
But at night is another story, sometimes she is wide awake and will not be put down. I make sure she's really full and burped and her diaper is dry but she just doesn't want to sleep without a warm body or without her mouth on a nipple. Weird! I thought babies are supposed to sleep a lot. And the phrase "sleep like a baby" wow, so not true! Babies, I found out are really loud sleepers, at least mine is.
Anyway, we are still co-sleeping which is easier for the early morning feedings and nappy changes. Hopefully it'll get better soon. I'm basically attached to her almost all the time. I don't really want to force her to sleep by herself or cry it out. I just feel like Ferberizing your baby is so traumatic for them and a brutal thing to do. I feel much better knowing my baby feels secure and comforted.


  1. Some babies cannot sleep without the mommy's scent, others cannot without the warm embrace, etc. Ohhh babies... I am having one soon again. Mixed feelings here! :/

  2. Have to tried wrapping her with a blanket? That used to work for my baby when she was little. We'd wrap her up tight in a blanket (to the point where her arms and legs are pinned to her sides); straddling I think it's called. Usually does the trick. =)

    1. yeah, i swaddle her every night. doesn't seem to make a difference tho...