Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Birthing Story

I wanted to log this entry so I wouldn't forget the day I became a mom. It was two weeks before my due date on a Wednesday and I was at work when my OB called me to see him right away. He said he was suspecting preeclampsia because the protein in my urine was dangerously high. In a 24-hour urine collection, proteinuria of greater than 300 mg is something to be concerned about. Mine was 3700.

The doctor told me that I had no choice but to go to the hospital right away because the only cure for preeclampsia really is to deliver the baby. I was devastated because I wasn't expecting this to happen two weeks early! I mean, granted, the baby was already full term at almost 38 weeks but I wasn't ready! The nursery wasn't done, I haven't packed my hospital bags yet, I wasn't in the mindset that I was going to give birth because I wasn't even in labor, I was still feeling good and working. But Dr. Cha told me he didn't want anything to happen to me and that I must give birth as soon as possible even by C-section. 

I started crying coz I didn't want to have a C-section. I was expecting to have a natural birth and of course I didn't want to be cut open! Anyway I called my husband (who was also at work) and my parents right away and we got ready to go to the hospital.
 I had to bring my unfinished paperwork to the hospital coz I wasn't finished. The nurses there were scolding me that I shouldn't be doing work coz by then my blood pressure was slowly climbing. They started me oxytocin to induce labor and a few hours later I started swelling up like a balloon.
Our last day as a couple. Tomorrow we will be a family!
I was induced for 10 hours during which labor wasn't really that bad, I just wasn't dilating. The nurses were seeing contractions on the monitor but I wasn't really feeling any pain. They had to give me a drug called cytotec vaginally(which a friend of mine told me they used for abortions in the Philippines) and that really hurt - but still no baby. I also got an epidural coz I had a feeling I was gonna have surgery. And I was right.
 Just after noon the next day we welcomed Bettina Camille into this world. She was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Too bad I was groggy from the anesthesia that I was seeing double. I didn't feel a thing during the surgery which was awesome.
This was our first family picture - dad, baby and mom. I'm a mom!
 My precious baby already so alert in the hospital. I was in so much pain during my recovery, I was confined to the bed for 24 hours after surgery because they had to put me on a magnesium drip for the preeclampsia. It was terrible the first time getting out of bed. My legs were like concrete and the pain was horrible. But when I look at this 5 lbs 9 oz and 19-inch little angel everything's all worth it!
I would do it all over again. But not right away :)


  1. Your daughter is sooo cute sis. She has a beautiful name pa. Congrats on being a mommy!!

    But u know.. my mother died of preeclampsia. It was in the 80' and we were in the province. Very sad story of my life I know. I wished it never happened but I guess birthing was really that dangerous that time. No enough hospital and doctors, normally just midwives and hilots.

    You are lucky to have gone tests and OB discovered the aiming danger right away. Thank God you and your baby are safe now!

    I am 6 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby. I am hoping for a normal delivery but no problem if and when OB has to cut me again just to deliver safely. I understand that at risk pregnancy is commom at my age. I had GDM before. This time.. I am doing my best to avoid it so God bless me.

  2. Congratulations!!! =) You're right, the pain is worth it. You really shouldn't have brought work pa to the hospital. Grabe ka naman!

    Hope you're all doing fine and well now. Your baby's adorable. =)