Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Push Present

Behold my "push present"...
A lot of husbands get their wives expensive bags or nice jewelry for push presents, that seems to be the norm. I got a Kawai K2 :) I love it! Originally my husband was going to get the K15 which is a less expensive console model also from Kawai, but he thought why not just get a professional upright? That way we don't have to trade it in down the road for a better one. Plus I like that it has a soft fall system so when I start teaching Bettina to play when she gets older, her hands won't get hurt from the piano banging shut. My husband thinks of things like that :)

I've never heard of a push present before I got pregnant, I guess it's a fairly new thing. Technically, I didn't "push" coz I had a C-section but I think moms deserve to have a little something nice for bringing a baby to this world and for carrying him/her for 9 months. It makes sense to be rewarded for your efforts, hehe.

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